The cooperation with Cailan was very enjoyable, especially the contact with Steven, who was very serious and responsible. Their sample production time and delivery time are very fast, and the quality is even better. They are excellent suppliers.

Jane Woe - Senior Procurement Manager

Cailan Company is one of our qualified suppliers, and they have been working very hard to do better by providing Hasbro with qualified label color box packaging materials. So far, the cooperation has been very smooth.

William Woe - Regional President, Asia Hasbro

In 2015, I visited the factory of Cailan Company in Shenzhen, which meets our requirements for suppliers. In 2016, their factory in Vietnam was established, which is more in line with our cooperation and customs clearance requirements. excellent.

Robert Roe - Senior Procurement Manager Asia Disney

I have been working with Cailan Company for many years, and he is the largest packaging material supplier of our GFT company. I have enjoyed working with factories in China and Vietnam. The free high-quality samples have made my work much easier.

Anna Wu - Engineer